Grassroots marketing uses distinct strategies to distribute mass messages

Written by: Alex Beckman

Grassroots marketing uses unconventional strategies to distribute messages. This strategy focuses on the target market in hopes of them distributing the message to the mass public, according to small business website Click here to read more

Perceptions of brands rely on familiarity, interest

Written by: Maggie Bushman

First-time-consumers could perceive brands differently with the help of a marketing technique that would exchange products for Instagram posts, according to a few Madison consumers. Click here to read more

University of Wisconsin-Madison students use Instagram as a business outlet

Written by: Juliet Miller

University of Wisconsin-Madison students use Instagram to build their personal brand and make professional connections.

Instagram has become more than just another outlet for people to post photos of their personal lives. Students at UW-Madison are using the app to promote their public image and attract businesses for sponsorship. Click here to read more

Instagram serves a source of social capital, social influence

Written by: Annie Fisher

Instagram has been a source of social influence and social capital since the app’s rise in popularity in May of 2012.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in October of 2010. It only took three months to reach one million users, and today with over 500 million users, it is the number one photo sharing social media platform. Click here to read more

Local clothing company capitalizes on brand ambassador program success

Written by: Maggie Chandler

Brand ambassador. It’s the latest position businesses in all sectors – from Google to Lululemon, Nip and Fab to Bud Light – are scrambling to fill. The trend has even caught on in Madison, Wisconsin where some local businesses are having success with their own brand ambassador programs. Click here to read more

Social media influencers shape trends

Written by: Liv Schreiber

For a rookie in the fashion industry 10 years ago, entry into the world of style was near impossible without a connection to an insider or a degree from Parson’s School of Design.

The introduction of Instagram 7 years ago broke this invisible barrier. The digital platform has provoked the democratization of fashion, making the voice of the public louder through the reach of individuals with mass social media followings, also known as “trendsetters.” Click here to read more

Analytics help boost online engagement

Written by: Callen Weber

Social media analytics measure interactions between users on social media platforms.

This question boils down to one simple term: engagement. According to an article from Forbes Magazine contributor Dana Baasiri, social media engagement is the only way to determine whether you or your brand are effectively reaching a target audience. Click here to read more

Businesses face difficulty in using social media platforms effectively

Written by: Kristin Washagan

In recent years, the rise of social media provided an avenue for businesses to use more interactive platforms to reach consumers and gain exposure.

Many businesses, however, faced difficulty in using these platforms effectively. Click here to read more