UW-Madison journalism and strategic communication students created BrandGram with the goal of providing accessibility for both businesses and Instagram users alike to participate in social media exposure and marketing.

As digital natives and scholars of social media branding, the students hoped to provide a simpler way for brands to receive exposure and Internet users to profit off of their social media use and unique skillset.

While the concept of brand ambassadors is not new, BrandGram helps make the union between businesses and brand ambassadors an easier, more accountable relationship.

BrandGram serves as the much-needed connecting link between local Madison clothing stores and up-and-coming brand ambassadors.

BrandGram aids both parties by holding each side accountable, and ensures each receive the intended outcome they were hoping for through the app.

BrandGram allows a greater number of brands and consumers engage in social media marketing, through creating an intuitive, easy-to-use app. Instead of businesses or consumers having to reach out to one another independently, BrandGram brings the information about promotions right to their fingertips.

The students worked extensively on promoting the app through informative stories, infographics, audio stories, video stories and other forms of media that can be found on the site.

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