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We know being a first time lessee in Madison can be nothing short of overwhelming. Between choosing a building, finding roommates, and navigating the world as you take on the challenge of living on your own, there are a lot of decisions to make, and Rentdex is here to help. 

Rentdex gives you the inside scoop on different apartment buildings so you can know what each apartment and renting company are actually like. In addition, Rentdex provides resources to make the leasing process, roommate search, and move-in as easy as possible.

By students. For students. We are here for you.

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Apartment Hunting Help

Reviews from students just like you on popular apartment buildings in Madison

Tips for Off Campus Living

Advice on the application process, roommate search, and apartment essentials

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All of our services right at your finger tips on our easy-to-use mobile app

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