17 Mar

As you finish up the drafts of your main stories…

…keep in mind a few pieces of advice from us.

First of all, take a good look at the directions. The main story is a chance for you to bring together the things you’ve learned through your interviews and research, so you want it to be a more comprehensive look at your topic than your interview story. You should also incorporate three voices — from three strong interviews.

Also remember to apply everything you’ve learned so far about communication values, writing an engaging lead, avoiding bias, developing a strong structure (resist the urge to wrap it all up with a conclusion — you’re better off using a strong quote) and using the very best quotes from your conversations with sources.

When it comes to structure, you want to avoid source chunking: writing about what Person A said, followed by Person B and Person C. Instead, figure out three main themes you want to hit and write different chunks about Theme A, Theme B and Theme C.