18 Apr

Important note about IS projects

I’ve been spending some time over the last week looking at your IS sites, and I’ve been so impressed by all that you’ve done with your projects!

However, there is one issue that concerns me, and I’m going to ask for your help in addressing the problem.

You may remember that one of the ethical issues we discussed in the first weeks of class was the idea of recording a source reading a written statement rather than capturing authentic audio. As the directions for the IS audio story explain, this isn’t ethical because we have no way of knowing whether the source actually made that statement, or if the author of the story made it up and had someone read it — the source or someone else entirely.

But as I’ve been listening to some of the audio stories and audio slideshows, I’m concerned that there are some that sound as if the sources are reading statements rather than simply talking in an interview, and I want to be sure that the audio stories and slideshows don’t cross any ethical lines. The syllabus makes it clear that this is considered academic misconduct.

I am asking that everyone in the class upload the raw audio files for interviews used in the audio slideshows or audio stories to the Learn@UW dropbox so your TAs can regrade them. Please upload your audio by 11:59 p.m.. Tuesday, April 18. If you no longer have your audio, you must email your TA, Meredith and me by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday with the names and contact information for your sources so we can check with them about the authenticity of your audio. (Note: You do not need to upload the audio of your narration — just the interviews that you might have used in either piece.)

I’m happy to talk with anyone about this — please come see me if you’d like to discuss it in person.