30 Jan

More professional practice events

Here are a couple more opportunities to earn extra credit AND learn about potential careers — check them out!

Tuesday (Today), Jan. 30:
“How to Cut the Mustard, A Hotdogger Open Hour”: 5055 Vilas Hall. Hear from 2 members of the hotdogger team who ride around the country in the Wienermobile and learn how you can do this! This is an informal event – stop by for Q&A.
Drop-In Hours: 1-3pm, 5114 Vilas Hall

Wednesday, Jan. 31:
Wisconsin Broadcasters Job/Career Fair: 8:30-10:30am, Madison Concourse Hotel, One West Dayton St.

Thursday, Feb. 8:
New York Times investigative reporter Walt Bogdanich will visit Vilas Hall beginning at 1:20 p.m. in Room 2116. He will be speaking to Dee J. Hall’s investigative reporting class, but all students are welcome. Please arrive at the class by 1:20. Students can leave whenever they need to. Bogdanich will talk about how he got into investigative reporting, will discuss some of his reports and entertain questions from the students.