24 Jan

A couple of notes on the books

I’ve heard from many of you that the AP Stylebook isn’t in stock at the bookstore. I called over there today, and they told me it should be in by early next week, so you may want to check in there Monday. If you haven’t already ordered it there, it’s on sale on Amazon right now.

It’s also come to my attention that there’s no longer a rental option for “Aim For the Heart” on Amazon. I’m sorry about that — it was there when I checked about a week ago. I do have another option through Red Shelf, where you can rent it for about $18 for 90 days. (That’s plenty of time.)

17 Jan

Welcome to J202!

Hello J202! Welcome to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and to the start of our exciting six-credit adventure together. First things first — please start by watching this video.

During the first week of class, you should go to the second lab meeting of the week — this means that if your lab meets Monday/Wednesday, you should go to lab Wednesday afternoon, if your lab meets Tuesday/Thursday, you should go on Thursday, and if your lab meets Wednesday/Friday, you’ll go on Friday.

We’ll meet as a big group for lecture for the first time on Monday, Jan. 28, at 9:30 a.m. Here are things you need to do before then (or, ideally, before your first lab):

  1. Read the syllabus, which is linked in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  2. Check out the schedule for the semester, also above. (Note: You’ll need to be signed in to Google Drive with your wisc.edu account to access it.)
  3. On the schedule page, note the Readings tab at the bottom of the sheet as well. Complete the readings for the first week as soon as you can.
  4. Read and do all of the assignments for Week 1 on the Assignments page. (Guess where?)
  5. Read the Individual Story page above and all the subpages linked below it.
  6. Just ignore the Final Project pages for a while.
  7. Look at the Admin tab, too, so you know where to find lecture notes, extra credit info and other good stuff.
  8. Join our Facebook group and start following the #J202 Twitter hashtag.
  9. Get some good sleep over the weekend.
  10. Take a deep breath. The fun is about to begin!