27 Feb

Media elements for portfolio sites

I’ve heard from some of you that WordPress is asking you to upgrade (in other words, pay) to upload any video. You do not need to do that — you should use the free capabilities to build your portfolio site. In that case, just upload a photo or image for this week as the multimedia element to help establish your personal brand.

25 Feb

Persuasive rubric

If you’re wondering what qualities your persuasive pieces should have (and how it would compare to an informative rubric), here’s a persuasive rubric you can check out. Remember, your TA won’t be taking points off or adding on points for doing certain things on the rubric — you have to look at your grade holistically for how it relates to the J202 grading standards.

22 Feb

Get ready for Week 6

I hope you had fun this week exploring some new storytelling forms. Get ready, because we’re about to delve into a bunch more in the next few weeks.

Here’s what you need to know for Week 6:
What we’ll talk about next week:
Integrating and analyzing information and using it to build more complicated stories
Lecture Monday 9:30 a.m. in Vilas 2195 (be ready for Quiz 3 starting at 9:30 a.m.) — we’ll do a couple of breakout activities
What to do for Monday:
Do the Week 6 readings
Complete the Adobe Premiere training — you’ll need to budget about 60-90 minutes for this
Check the #J202 hashtag on Twitter and read some news — there is a ton going on today!
Flip through your AP Stylebook and pick five new things to learn about
What to do for Lab 1: 
Finish your personal branded narrative
Bring your idea map for some IS work time
Individual story:
Your IS interview story is due at the start of lecture in Week 7 — that’s next week!
Make sure you get that one interview done, but again, there’s not a lot of out-of-class work this week, which means you should be using that time to make progress on your IS
Take a look at the calendar to be sure you understand all of the deadlines coming up
Portfolio blog:
Post a multimedia element for your portfolio blog by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday — I’ve gotten some questions from students because the directions are a bit vague. It’s pretty open ended because I want you to choose something that helps support your brand. If you’re selling yourself as a photographer, for example, be sure to put some of your pictures up there. If you wrote your blog post about a video or audio story, find a way to embed that into your post. We want you to do two things here: practice making things happen in WordPress and help build your personal brand. I’ve been looking at your sites, and many of you are still using the photos that came with your theme. This is one way you can make your site look like YOU.
This is also a good time to reiterate one of the J202 philosophies when it comes to technology — your TAs and I aren’t able to troubleshoot every problem with WordPress, Premiere, InDesign, Audition or other software we use this semester. I can try to help, but often when I get questions about why something isn’t working, I just turn to Google — there are always other people out there who have experienced the same thing and have tips about how to deal with it. We’ll have trainers on hand when you’re using some technology in lab, but if you are really struggling, you can work with STS (Software Training for Students) or the DesignLab to get specific help. They are SUPER approachable and there to help, so use them!
Professional practice events (remember you need to attend two, you can go to more for extra credit):
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 4:30-7 p.m.: Speed networking for internships with Starting Block Madison, a startup incubator, StartingBlock Madison Cafe. 821 E. Washington Ave., 3rd floor. You must sign up here to attend: www.startingblockmadison.org/snap-internships
Wednesday, Feb. 27, 5-7 p.m.: L&S SuccessWorks Alumni Career Conversations – Communications, Arts & Entertainment, Union South Varsity Hall
If you want to get ahead:
Keep plugging away at those interviews! Gather as much information as you can now so you have more to work with when it comes time to write your main story.
Any questions? Please let me know or check the J202 site. See you Monday morning!
21 Feb

Come see me in office hours

I know a lot of you have questions about the IS, and I’ve got a bunch of office hours over the next couple of days to try to help.

Today you can find me between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in 2210H Grainger for drop-in office hours— my space is in the middle of the Learning Commons. Look for the J202 sign on the windows.

And on Friday, I’ll be in the J202 labs between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. to talk about IS projects (or anything else about J202). You can sign up for a time here: go.wisc.edu/j202spring2019officehourswithstacy