29 Mar

Get ready for Week 10

I’ve seen a bunch of you today to talk about all things IS — audio, main story, social promotion packages — and I’ll be checking my email over the weekend in case you have any questions as you continue to pull your elements together.
Here’s what else you need to know for Week 10:
What we’ll talk about this week:
Online and social media — we’ll also do a Google Hangout with Steve Horn, a J-School alum and senior copywriter at Translation in New York, so he can give you some advice on creating your social promotion packages
Lecture Monday 9:30 a.m. in Vilas 2195 (be ready for Quiz 7 starting at 9:30 a.m.)
What to do for Monday:
Do the Week 10 readings
Turn in your IS main story drafts and audio scripts
What should be on the quiz? Tweet some news to the #J202 hashtag on Twitter. Hint hint: you should pay special attention to the state and local elections happening Tuesday.
Individual story:
Your ASFs and your audio story (as well as a final script and the interview files) are due at the start of lecture. You should have gotten some quick feedback on your scripts from your TA this week, and you should definitely feel free to edit the script as needed. If you’re struggling to read it out loud, then it needs to be rewritten. You’ll know if it’s clunky. Also don’t forget about the checklists you made in lab and the one I gave you at the start the semester. Using those will make your pieces better.
Portfolio blog:
This week you need to write about the two professional practice events you’ve attended (you can use one of the online options I posted on the blog on March 13 to fulfill one of them).
Professional practice events (remember you need to attend two (see above), you can go to more for extra credit):
  • Tuesday, April 2, Noon-1:30 p.m.: The State of Media Today (And What We Can Do About It) with author and journalist Judith Valente, Upper House, 365 East Campus Mall, Suite 200
  • Thursday, April 4, 6 p.m.: Sports Communication panel sponsored by the Association for Women in Sports, 2195 Vilas Hall. (Yes, the blog posts are due Wednesday, but if you go to this, but I’ll let you post it and fill out the form by Friday at noon and still count it.)
  • Also check out the online options posted on the J202 site if you want to have one of those count as your event — you still need to post about those on your blog
  • If there’s something you want to attend and there’s a media connection, send me an email to confirm it would qualify. Remember you must fill out the extra credit form for ALL of the events you attend, whether they count for the portfolio blog or extra credit.
If you want to get ahead:
Think about how you would promote your IS site — that’s at the heart of the social promotion package you’ll need to put together when you finalize your project. You’ll also want to start to map out the organization of your IS site.
Any questions? Let me know — otherwise, have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll see you Monday in lecture.
28 Mar

TGIF — To Get IS Finished

Who needs some help on their IS projects? I’ll be in Vilas 2111 (down by the J202 labs) from 12:30-3 p.m. Friday, and the STS trainers who can help on Audition and Premiere will be on hand from 1-3 p.m. Just drop in for help on your ASFs, IS main story, audio story, social promotion package or whatever has you stressed out right now. We’re almost there — get it done!

13 Mar

Online professional practice opportunities

I know work and other classes has made it hard for some of you to get to the professional practice events. Remember, you are required to go to two and write about them for your portfolio blog by Week 10; any more beyond that will count for extra credit. You must fill out the extra credit form for ALL of the events you attend, whether they count for the portfolio blog or extra credit.

Because of scheduling challenges, I’m offering some online opportunities. You may use one for a professional practice event for your portfolio blog, and one more to earn extra credit. (This means you still need to attend one event in person.) If you complete one of these online courses, you need to fill out the form and email me a copy or screenshot of the completion certificate.

Conducting Interviews that Matter, News U (this is free, you just have to create an account with Poynter.org)

Journalism Fundamentals: Craft & Values, News U (free, but again, you need to create an account with Poynter.org)

Social Media Marketing (free, sign in to Lynda.com using your UW-Madison NetID)

Storytelling for Advertising Campaigns (free, sign in to Lynda.com using your UW-Madison NetID)

Storytelling for Designers (free, sign in to Lynda.com using your UW-Madison NetID)

Writing a Press Release (free, sign in to Lynda.com using your UW-Madison NetID)

Writing With Impact (free, sign in to Lynda.com using your UW-Madison NetID)

11 Mar

Rubrics for audio and video

You may want to check out the rubrics for audio and video pieces as you work on your stories this week. As always, remember your TA will be looking at your pieces holistically, but this should help you understand the standard you should be trying to master.