11 Mar


Hi everyone — given the decision by UW-Madison to suspend in-person classes by the end of the week, I’ve decided to cancel Lab 2 this week. (An explanation: Many people were making the decision to leave campus earlier than that for health reasons, and rather than having some people do a different version of the assignment on their own, the most fair thing to do was to call it off for everyone.)

Please stay tuned to Canvas, your email and the J202 site for updates about how we’ll make things work going forward. Your TAs and I are meeting tomorrow to sort out plans, and I should have more information for you by the end of this week. One important note: As of right now, the Friday deadline for the IS main story draft remains in place.

In the meantime, can you please let me know what questions you have about assignments, grades, deadlines, etc.? There are a lot of parts to J202, and while I’ve been working since Monday on a list of things we need to figure out, there will be things I haven’t considered. That’s where you come in. Please fill out this form with any questions or suggestions you have: go.wisc.edu/j202remote

Tomorrow I’ll send a survey to everyone asking about your access to technology and reliable Internet — please fill that out quickly so we know how to plan to serve everyone.

For now, stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands, listen to advice from public health officials and watch out for more information. I hope to see you all back on campus in April to finish out J202!