This page is now updated for Spring 2019.

The final project begins in Week 11 and runs through Lab 2 of Week 14. You will pitch your project to a panel of angel investors during our final exam time on Monday, May 6 at 7:45 a.m. (Sorry for the early hour — I don’t get to pick the time. Set up a phone tree for your lab to be sure you’re all there on time.)

You’ll notice that in the first week of the project, you have a lot of direction as to what your team should be doing. We want to help get you started, but then we back off with the directions and let you figure out how to use your time.

You will turn everything in twice: once to your TA for grading, and once to the appropriate team for peer feedback. The deadlines for your TA are outlined below. The strategy team for each lab sets in-lab deadlines as part of their project management. Some teams choose to make these deadlines earlier than the TA submission deadlines (which are non-negotiable). This way, you can get peer feedback before your final versions are due to your TA. It’s your choice whether to incorporate your peer feedback into your pieces. You can absolutely make changes to your content after the TA deadlines, but your TA will only be grading what is turned in by the deadlines outlined on this schedule.

Please be sure to watch your email for any updates or changes to the schedule. 

Deadline spreadsheet