Grammar and Style Training

WordPress Training

Ethics Module

Premiere Trainings

Start by downloading the exercise files — but don’t do the training here.

Watch these videos on the Adobe site:
Start your video editing project
Get to know the Premiere Pro interface
Learn five basic editing basics in Premiere Pro

HOWEVER: don’t just watch the videos without opening  up Premiere and trying to work along with what the narrator is talking about. If you don’t play with it, make mistakes and try it out, you’re going to struggle on your assignments.

Then watch Learn Premiere Pro in 20 minutes — again, be prepared to do the things along with the video. Just watching and listening isn’t enough. You should plan to spend about 90 minutes watching the videos and using Premiere — I did this myself and was able to make a basic video using the test files provided.

Verify you did the Premiere training here.

If you want to learn how to do more in Premiere, check out these additional resources:
21 Insanely Helpful Adobe Premiere Tutorials for Beginners
Written Tutorial from UC-Berkeley
Premiere keyboard shortcut cheat sheet

InDesign Training


Additional Trainings

The guides below are not required training, but you may find them helpful, especially when researching and creating your individual story projects.

Screen Capture Training

Soundslides Training

Web Building Blocks

Searching with Lexis Nexis

Searching for Story Ideas

Searching for Statistics and Data

Portfolio Site Training

IS Training

  • Note: link to IS site used in tutorial here
  • Note that the IS Audio Slideshow assignment has changed.

Other Digital Media Resources

Here is a great set of trainings for a variety of useful skills including audio recording, interactive map making, and editing: