Formatting Q&A Proposal


Please use the format below (unless your Content Team asks for another format):

Informative Q&A Proposal

Informative Q&A idea: I would like to write a Q&A based on an interview  with an expert about the ways blood donation contributes to altruism and makes people feel good about contributing. (You should use this space to boil your idea down to one specific sentence telling us what you propose to do).

Minimum required sources

One live interview (list name, contact information and what you hope to learn from them):
Jane Piliavin, professor emeritus, Department of Sociology, 608-262-2921, — I hope to learn about her research showing people feel good about contributing to their community by donating blood

2 documents
UW Health information about blood donation

NIH report on blood donation and community altruism

2 previously published pieces
Blood donation exempt from ‘Safer at Home’ order, Fox 6 Milwaukee, March 24, 2020

Red Cross urges young Americans to donate blood amid coronavirus pandemic, New York Post, March 19, 2020

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