Individual Story

Our goal: Develop skills in gathering information to write a fully formed informative piece supported by multimedia elements.

Your task: Complete a series of individual steps that will bring you to the goal of developing a single story and companion multimedia on a topic of your choice.


  • generate an idea about a story you want to tell — one that’s somehow related to the UW campus community — and pitch your story idea
  • you may choose an issue-based story (such as the example that follows) or a personality profile, where you paint a compelling portrait of a person (not a mere history or biography of a life)
  • submit a proposed source list, including previously published pieces, documentary sources and interview subjects
  • gather information from documentary sources and supply a “listicle” of compelling items
  • interview one of your subjects, write a one- to two-page story from that interview only and submit your interview notes
  • complete remaining interviews, and research and submit a draft of a three-page story weaving together documentary and interview sources
  • create and submit multimedia companions to your story
  • revise completed pieces based on graded feedback
  • create a website for the final version of your story and multimedia companions
  • produce a package of stories that are fact-based — meaning they are not opinion pieces — keeping in mind that the goal is to inform, not persuade

Deadlines: All segments are due at the start of lecture in the week listed unless otherwise noted

  • Week 3: Story pitch (enter your idea in one sentence using the master IS spreadsheet) and revise pitch if required to meet with Katy or Jesse
  • Week 4: Source list
  • Week 5: Listicle
  • Week 7: Story from first interview (1.5 pages) submitted with full set of notes
  • Week 8: Five original photos
  • Week 9: Draft of main story and magazine layout
  • Week 10: Audio story
  • Week 11: Two alternative story forms
  • Week 12: Social promotion package, final main story and final site

Grade: This assignment is Segment C in your final grade. Each assignment has specific elements, such as citations or lists of story angles and communication values. Stories submitted without source lists will result in a deduction of 20 points.

The grades will be weighted:

  1. Pitch and source list (ungraded but required): 0%
  2. Documentary source listicle: 5%
  3. Interview story: 5%
  4. Original photos: 5%
  5. Story draft: 10%
  6. Magazine layout: 10%
  7. Audio story: 10%
  8. Alt stories (2): 10%
  9. Social promotion package: 10%
  10. Final story: 15%
  11. Final website: 20%

(Your lowest grade is automatically dropped, except for the story draft, final story and final site.)

Extra Help: