Magazine layout

Use your interview story as the text for a magazine-style layout. Use images, headlines, cutlines and other elements to design and produce a cohesive page. The samples from lecture and training can give you ideas, but you also should look to printed magazines for inspiration.


Does the layout have to be just one page? 

You are only required to do a one-page layout. Your interview story is quite short, so it might be difficult to get two pages of content out of that one story unless you have some large images or other content you’d like to incorporate. That being said, you are free to create a two-page layout if you feel compelled to do so.

What size should the page be? 

Standard. 8.5 x 11

These requirements seem vague. What do I absolutely have to have on my layout?

You are required to have the full text of your interview story (and you can — and should — make edits to that story based on your TA’s feedback). With that story, you must have a headline. That’s all you absolutely have to have. That meets the minimum but is unlikely to earn a high grade. We recommend you add image(s), caption(s), pull quote(s), a byline and other design elements. Grab a couple of magazines and find a layout you like, then use that as a design inspiration. Feel free to be creative with this assignment. You should follow the CRAP design principles discussed in lecture.

Your layout must be submitted in PDF form.

Do you have any examples of what this layout might look like?

Here are some examples from past J202 students.

Will my TA re-grade the interview story content when he/she grades my layout?

No, your TA is only looking at the design components of the layout. That said, you should make changes according to your TA’s feedback to the text of your interview story.

Doing this will…

1) possibly earn you a higher score on the layout grade because things like typos would count against your layout score by distracting from the design.

2) absolutely improve your final site grade. Improvements on any of your IS components will improve your final site score because your final site is better when each of the IS components is at its best.

Plus, your TA will take note of the effort you put into improving your pieces. This noticeable effort also improves your final site score.

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