This page is focused on your weekly quizzes. The Grammar and Style training and quizzes (see Schedule tab above for due date) are on the Training Page

Don’t go into the first J202 quiz blind. Here’s how the weekly quizzes work:

  • 10 points each
  • 2 current events questions
  • 2 lecture and readings questions
  • 4-6 lines with a total of 6 or more grammar and style errors (some lines may have 1 or none or 2 or 3)
  • for grammar and style errors, earn 1 point for correcting something that’s wrong and lose 1 point for taking something that was right and making it wrong
  • First quiz: 10 minutes. Subsequent quizzes may be shorter.
  • No pencils. Bring a pen.
  • You use your AP Stylebook during the quiz.

Here are some sample quiz keys from last spring to help you  get comfortable with the approach.


Quiz 1 Key

Quiz 2 Key

Quiz 3 Key 

Quiz 4 Key

Quiz 5 Key

Quiz 6 Key 

Quiz 7 Key 

Quiz 8 Key 

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