Grade breakdown

The final project constitutes 25 percent of your final grade for the course. Your final project grade will break down into the following weighted elements:


Percentage of Final Project Grade

Individual Q&A

15 percent

Individual strategic content

15 percent

Individual alternative story form

15 percent

Small group multimedia project 1

15 percent

Small group multimedia project 2

15 percent

Team participation grade (given by your teammates) and TA evaluation of your participation

15 percent

Final project grade (awarded to full section)

10 percent



 The overall participation grade assigned by the TA will evaluate the following:

  • participating in all final project meetings

  • meeting deadlines

  • work within project team, small groups and large group

  • showing a professional and collaborative attitude and maintaining excellent effort

Please note: You will receive a zero instead of the group grade for the final project grade (awarded to full section) if you do not vote for the top projects in the time defined by the instructor or lead TA or fully participate in the final project as a whole.

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