Extra credit

A key part of your training in journalism or strategic communication is adapting to professional practices. If you want to work in these fields, you need to steep yourself in the culture. That includes everything from reading key trade journals to learning how to build a resume and write an effective cover letter.

To encourage you to engage in professional practices, we will offer you two kinds of extra credit:
Professional Practices events and resume reviews
Participation in research projects

Each of these offers different points credited to different segments of your grade. You are not barred from participating in any one of them, regardless of whether you’ve done another. For instance, you can earn all five Professional Practices points, as well as points for every research project offered.

Extra Credit: Professional Practices
When: continuing
Points: improve quiz average
Cap: five events (though you are encouraged to attend as many as you can)

We offer you extra credit for attending professionally oriented events in the J-School. For each event or activity you attend, we’ll add .5 percentage points to your quiz average, with a cap of 2.5 total. So if you attend four events over the course of the semester, your quiz average goes up 2 full percentage points. This has tipped the balance between final grades for many students in the past. It’s a great payoff.

We will email opportunities to you as they arise and post to Facebook. Career adviser Pam Garcia-Rivera also will include “counts for J202 Professional Practices” to any qualifying announcements she makes.

In order to receive credit for attendance, please fill out the form in the extra credit section of the website — this includes having you write a 150- to 200-word summary of what you learned from the event.

We strongly advise you to participate in the following professional activities, but they cannot be used for J202 extra credit:
work on a student newspaper or at WSUM
membership in a student organization (SPJ, AdClub, PRSSA or WIC) or attendance at meetings
participation in media activities of other campus organizations, such as WUD or Greek houses
internships or jobs

Extra Credit: Participation in Research Projects
When: usually a one-week window, announced via email
Points: .5 percentage points added to your average for a particular segment
Cap: three

J-School faculty and graduate students often conduct surveys and experiments to study communication. Students receive extra credit for participating in these studies. There are usually about three studies each semester if they have a reasonable fit with J202. All participants have the option to do an alternate experience if they want credit but don’t choose to do the study. Researchers coordinate this experience.

To get this extra credit, watch for emails from me, announcing opportunities and telling you how to participate. These most often begin midway through the semester. Announcement emails will include the segment targeted for the extra credit, e.g. “Participation in this study will raise your Segment A average by .5.”