Formatting Story Proposal


Please use the format below (unless your Content Team asks for another format):

Informative Story Proposal

Informative story idea: I would like to write a feature story contrasting a patient who received a donated organ with a patient who is still waiting (use this space to boil your idea down to one specific sentence telling us what you propose to do).

Minimum required sources

3 live interviews (list name, contact information and what you hope to learn from them):

    1. Don Moss, coordinator of UW Hospital’s Organ Procurement Organization, 608-263-5555, to learn about donors and recipients and try to find two patients to contrast for my story

    1. Family of Judy Zima, Marshfield, 715-555-5555, organs donated when Judy died saved three lives and the family can give me perspective on how they decided to consent to donation – this will apply to the section in my story about scarcity of organs

  1. Jan Michelis and family, 414-555-5555, a donated heart saved her life, so she can provide information on how it feels from the patient perspective

2 documents

    1. Annual report of the UW Hospital Organ Procurement Organization

    1. Wisconsin statistics on organ donation and transplantation available at

  1. Press release from UW Hospital, July 10, 2012, provides data on local transplant program

2 previously published pieces

    1. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on decrease in donations, Jan. 12, 2009

    1. Newsweek story on growing number of people on waiting list for various transplants, March 3, 2011

  1. Wisconsin State Journal story on UW Organ Procurement Organization, July 20, 2008

1 observation opportunity

  1. Follow Jan Michelis for a day to observe all the “simple” things she gets to do but would have missed without the heart transplant